Make a Difference!

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Huntington Valley’s Arena Soccer and Basketball Sports Leagues reach more than 1,800 kids each year. Our Spring, Summer, and Fall leagues give boys and girls ages 3 to 16 the chance to participate in organized sports.

We are committed to welcoming every child in our community who wants to join our sports leagues. To make that possible, our league fees are very modest, covering only a portion of the athletics program’s expenses. That is why your support is so important.

Please help us level the playing field by giving all of our children, including our community’s disadvantaged and at-risk youth, the chance to play!

Supporting the Club’s athletics program is a WIN-WIN proposition! Your sponsorship dollars give youth the opportunity to participate in an athletic program that gives: improved health, fitness, and social skills; an opportunity to learn teamwork, sportsmanship, and responsibility; positive role models that discourage the use of drugs and alcohol; a positive use of free time; and scholarships for disadvantaged youth.

By sponsoring our athletics program, you get: highly visible acknowledgment and recognition of your support; an investment in our community’s youth for a more positive future; and association with the Club’s mission. The Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so all donations are tax deductible.

To view our sponsorship brochure which describes what’s included with each level of sponsorship, click here

Thank you for your support!

For more information, please call Sem Ibrahim at (714) 593-0753, or you can send us an e-mail