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The Boys & Girls Club’s award-winning ClubHouse Academy for the Performing Arts offers classes each week in a wide variety of dance styles and techniques including ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, contemporary, and more. With class offerings for children ages three through teen, you’re sure to find the perfect class for your child!

ClubHouse Academy is currently offering classes in-person only. Maximum enrollment for in-person classes varies by the size of the room the class takes place in and will be capped at 8 or 12 depending on the class.


  • 1 class: $60/month
  • 2 classes: $100/month
  • 3 classes: $130/month

For pricing for 4 or more classes/month please call the office at 714-593-0753.
*A $15 fee applies to classes longer than 50 minutes.

Acro-Jazz/Leaps & Turns Class LevelDayTimeTeacherAge Group
Acro-Jazz, Level 1/2Friday4:30 – 5:20pmTeacher: Miss SarahAges 8+
Ballet Class LevelDayTimeTeacherAge Group
Ballet, Level 1Saturday10:00 – 10:50amTeacher: Miss AmandaAges 5-8
Ballet, Level 1Thursday4:00 – 4:50pmTeacher: Miss SydneyAges 5-8
Ballet, Level 2Saturday9:00 – 9:50amTeacher: Miss AllisonAges 8+
Ballet, Level 3Wednesday4:00 – 4:50pmTeacher: Miss AllisonAges 10+
Ballet, Level 3/4 – Pre-Pointe*Monday4:00 – 5:30pmTeacher: Miss AllisonAges 10+
Ballet, Level 4 – Beginning Pointe/Pre-Pointe*Saturday10:00 – 11:30am*Teacher: Miss AllisonAges 12+ or by teacher placement
Ballet, Level 5 – PointeMonday5:30 – 7:00pm*Teacher: Miss AllisonAges 12+ or by teacher placement
Ballet, Level 6 – PointeFriday4:30 – 6:00pm*Teacher: Miss AllisonAges 13+ or by teacher placement
Ballet, Level 6 – Pointe TechniqueSaturday11:30am – 1:00pm*Teacher: Miss AllisonAges 13+ or by teacher placement
Ballet, Level 3+ – Ballet VariationsThursday4:00pm – 5:00pmTeacher: Miss ElenaAges 12+ or by teacher placement
Contemporary Class LevelDayTimeTeacherAge Group
Contemporary – Advanced Level 3/4Friday3:30 – 4:20pmTeacher: Miss SarahAges 12+ or by teacher placement
Contemporary – Level 2TBDTBDTeacher: TBDTBD
Hip Hop Class LevelDayTimeTeacherAge Group
Hip Hop, Levels 1Wednesday5:00 – 5:50pmTeacher: Miss SarahAges 6+
Hip Hop, Level 2Wednesday6:00 – 6:50pmTeacher: Miss SarahAges 10+
Hip Hop, Level 3Monday5:30 – 6:20pmTeacher: Miss FaithAges 12+
Jazz Class LevelDayTimeTeacherAge Group
Jazz & Tap Combo, Level 1Wednesday4:00 – 4:50pmTeacher: Miss SydneyAges 8+
Jazz, Level 2/3Tuesday4:00 – 4:50pmTeacher: Miss AmandaAges 10+
Jazz, Level 3Thursday5:00 – 5:50pmTeacher: Miss ElenaAges 12+
Lyrical Class LevelDayTimeTeacherAge Group
Lyrical, Level 1/2Saturday9:00 – 9:50amTeacher: Miss AmandaAges 7+
Lyrical, Level 3Saturday9:00 – 9:50amTeacher: Miss SydneyAges 12+
Lyrical, Level 4Tuesday4:00 – 4:50pmTeacher: Miss ShannonAges 14+ or by teacher placement
Musical Theatre Dance LevelsDayTimeTeacherAge Group
Musical Theatre Dance, Level 1/2Thursday3:00 – 3:50pmTeacher: Miss ShannonAges 6+
Musical Theatre Performance Technique –
Vocal, Acting & Dance – Levels
DayTimeTeacherAge Group
MT Performance Technique Junior, Levels 1-2Saturday10:00 – 10:50amTeacher: Miss SydneyAges 6+
MT Performance Technique Senior, Levels 3-4Wednesday5:00 – 6:00pmTeacher: Miss SydneyAges 10+
Preschool Dance Class LevelDayTimeTeacherAge Group
Preschool Dance All LevelsWednesday3:00 – 3:50pmTeacher: Miss Sydney &
Miss Allison
Ages 3-5
Preschool Jazz/Tap Combo All LevelsThursday3:00 – 3:50amTeacher: Miss SydneyAges 3-5
Preschool Ballet/Tap Combo All LevelsSaturday11:00 – 11:45pmTeacher: Miss SydneyAges 2 1/2 -5
Tap Class LevelDayTimeTeacherAges Group
Tap & Jazz Combo, Level 1/2Wednesday4:00 – 4:50pmTeacher: Miss SydneyAges 8+
Tap, Level 3Saturday12:00 – 12:50pmTeacher: Miss SydneyAges 12+
Beginning Pre-Teen & Teen Tap, Level 1/2Thursday5:00 – 5:50pmTeacher: Miss JordanAges 11+
Classes with Transportation

Transportation will be provided between Club locations and the ClubHouse Academy Performing Arts Center for the classes listed below for $15/month per child. Classes beginning at 5:00pm or later will not have busing back to the Club, and require parents to pick children up at ClubHouse Academy (17569 Los Alamos Street, Fountain Valley)

  • Preschool Dance, Wednesday, 3:00pm
  • Jazz 1, Wednesday, 4:00pm
  • Tap/Jazz 1, Wednesday, 4:00pm
  • Ballet  3, Wednesday, 4:00pm
  • Hip Hop 1, Wednesday, 5:00pm
  • Musical Theatre Performance Technique Sr,  Wednesday , 5:00pm
  • Preschool Jazz/Tap, Thursday, 3:00pm
  • Musical Theatre Dance 1/2,  Thursday, 3:00pm
  • Ballet 1, Thursday, 4:00pm
  • Variations, Thursday 4:00pm
  • Beginning Pre-Teen/Teen Tap, Thursday, 5:00pm
  • Jazz 3, Thursday, 5:00pm

The ClubHouse Academy proudly serves families in Fountain Valley, Huntington Beach, and surrounding areas. Parents and children are welcome to tour our dance facility, watch a class, and even try one for free. If you have any questions, please call 714.593.0753 or send us an e-mail.