Resources for Parents

At the Boys & Girls Club, YOUR CHILD’S SAFETY IS PRIORITY #1. Please see below for important safety guidelines that will help keep your child safe at the Club, on our buses, and more.

Download our Safety Brochure
This brochure includes important information about safety at the Boys & Girls Club, at home, while traveling, and more. Click here to download the PDF or stop by your nearest branch to pick up a copy.

Download our Transportation Safety Brochure
Boys & Girls Clubs of Huntington Valley’s fleet of yellow school buses provides transportation between our branches and these local schools, as well as transportation for field trips and other Club activities. Please review the Safe Riding Practices described in this brochure with your child to help ensure a safe, positive riding experience for all. Click here to download the PDF or stop by your nearest branch to pick up a copy.

Online Safety Tips
1. Keep your personal information private including your name, phone number, address, passwords and social security or credit card numbers.
2. Turn off the computer if you feel uncomfortable with what you are seeing on the screen.
3. Never agree to let children meet someone in person who they have met online.
4. Don’t share photos of yourself with strangers.
5. Keep the computer your child uses in a central location.
6. Join children as they surf the Internet.
7. Install anti-virus and firewall software on your computer.
8. Remember that not everyone on the Web is who they say they are.
These tips and more are provided by the National Cyber Security Alliance

Kid-Friendly Websites
These are the age-appropriate websites where kids can play games, enjoy their favorite activities, and do research for school.
1. Alfyalfy.com
2. Nickelodeonnick.com
3. Disneydisney.com
4. Hands on Bankinghandsonbanking.com